Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour


View of reception area outside of exam room 1 and Royal Canin prescription diets.

Exam Room 1

Exam room 1 has an open floor plan that can be modified for the smallest and largest of our patients.

Exam Room 2

Exam room 2 has a permanently fixed examination table perfect for our small to medium sized patients.


Microscope station for discovering what's on that specimen slide!

Treatment Area

The treatment area is where your pet may receive care such as blood draws, nail trims, medical therapies and minor surgeries.


Here is where we get a look at your pet on the inside! X-rays help us diagnose health problems and treat your pet by exposing possible internal abnormalities.


Our surgical suite is thoroughly sanitized and offers top of the line equipment to provide the very best care during your pet's anesthetic procedure.

Kennel Room

A clean and quiet place to stay for our larger canine patients.